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Our club is a group of individuals who fully appreciate everything to do with antiques. We adore, collect, learn and teach about their history, their creation and craftsmanship, our goal is to spread the knowledge to others and to stimulate an interest in this beautiful craft.

However, please be advised that CACA does NOT provide services of appraisals, trading, purchasing or selling antiques.


If you needed assistance in those departments please find a few links that will hopefully help you.. Good luck!


Appraisal Associates


 A Treasure Antique & Estate Appraiser

The Upper Canadian - Canadian Antique magazine

A bit of a history


The Canadian Antique Collectors Association  ( CACA) had its humble beginning in January, 1975.

Potential members met for the first time to form an Association in the cafeteria of a local high school.

Letters had been sent out by a few people interested in furthering their knowledge of antiques.

The people who received the letters were members of two night schhool classes that had been meeting from September to December, in the Borough of Etobicoke. We had considered we might be fortunate enough to interest perhaps 40 to 50 men and women in such a club.

To our surprise we ended up with twice that number.


During our weeks at night school we had the pleasure of meeting and being taught by Mr.Robert Russell. Besides being a teacher with the Borough, Bob is part owner of an antique shop and an appraiser for an electioneering firm, well known in Toronto. Bob proved his worth by being an interesting teacher as well as knowledgeable and to our great delight he agreed to help our club get started and to advise us on a format. All this, provided he too could become a member. Looking for the place for monthly meetings we contacted Montgomery’s Inn and were lucky enough to obtain their meeting room. We had the people, the place, and the desire. We decided on a name, a suitable fee, completed a constitution and with Bob’s help we got the names of many prominent and knowledgeable people to speak to us. These people encouraged and applauded us and kept our membership ideas strong. By the end of the first year in June,  it was obvious that our members were happy with the club and their committee’s efforts. When asked for membership fees for the coming year we not only had a 100 per cent renewal but a waiting list as well.


The club also held a course entitled “Antiques As An Investment”, taught by our good friend Bob Russell. This was held for six weeks, set up by the committee on a separate night, and accommodated 36 people.


From the beginning, a newsletter was issued every month. This small publication was telling of coming events, helpful hints, minutes of meetings and places to go and things to see. As stated in our constitution, the purpose of the club shall be to create the desire to study and appreciate antiques, objects of art, historical backgrounds and to stimulate an interest in the collecting of antiques.

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